ECITB OSM 01 Onsite Pipe Cutting and Pipe End Weld Preparation

One of the onsite machining training courses delivered by our OSM Training Provider H&S Tool; covering in-situ machining techniques in cutting and weld preparation of pipework using Portable Machine Tools.

Portable Machining Training



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£720 + VAT

Course Duration

2 Days

Who Should Attend?

Candidates with relevant previous machining experience, as well as candidates with a basic mechanical background preferably in pipe fitting and mechanical fitting.

Course Content

Day 1

  • Course and trainer introduction
  • Safety overview to identify the hazards and risks involved with onsite pipe cutting and beveling.
  • AFC Clamshell operation presentation.
  • AFC Clamshell Pipe cut and weld preparation document.
  • Exercise to correctly identify the equipment required to carry out a pipe cut and weld preparation operation.
  • Group discussion and day 1 overview.

Day 2

  • Technicians to perform a pipe cut and weld preparation under trainer supervision.
  • Weld exaction mock up demonstration.
  • Technicians to perform a weld excavation under trainer supervision.
  • Knowledge test.
  • Course overview and debrief.

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