GWO Basic Technical Training Course

This Standard has been developed in response to the demand for recognisable Basic Technical Training in the wind industry. It has been prepared in co-operation between the members of GWO based on risk assessments and factual incident and accident statistics pertaining to the installation, service and maintenance of wind turbine generators and wind power plants. This Standard describes the requirements for Basic Technical Training courses that are recommended by the members of GWO. The standard covers 3 modules: Hydraulic Mechanical Electrical At least 70% of the questions in the written test must be answered correctly in order to pass the test.

GWO Basic Technical Training Standard



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£1,650 + VAT

Course Duration

4 Days

Who Should Attend?

The Basic Technical Training Modules are targeted at candidates who have no previous experience of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems but may also be used to up skill candidates who have some knowledge of these areas in other applications, not specifically wind turbines.

Course Content

 Day 1
  • GWO BTT Introduction
  • Mechanical introduction
  • Mechanical Safety
  • The principles of bolted and welded connections
  • Use of manual tightening and measuring tools
  • Hydraulic Torque and Tension
  • Gearbox
  • Braking system
  • Yaw System


Day 2
  • Cooling System
  • Lubrication System
  • Theoretical test
  • Hydraulic introduction
  • Hydraulic Safety
  • Pumps
  • Actuators
  • Valves
Day 3
  • Accumulators
  • Sensors
  • Pipes, hoses and connections
  • Oil and filters
  • Hydraulic Diagrams
  • Pressure measuring tools
  • Theoretical test
Day 4
  • Introduction to Electricity
  • Electrical Safety
  • Electrical Components
  • Sensors
  • Electrical circuits
  • Electrical Measuring Instruments
  • Theoretical test

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