Mechanical Flange Spreaders

  • Simple mechanical solution
  • Cost-effective and safe
  • 9 tons of flange spreading force
Subsea Flange Spreading
  • Subsea Flange Spreading
  • Subsea Flange Spreading

Mechanical Flange Spreaders


Mechanical Flange Spreaders

HTL Group offers Equalizer’s  SW9TM mechanical flange spreader. The SW9TM product is the mechanical flange spreader in SW series and creates up to 9 tons of force and is a powerful mechanical flange spreading tool for use topside or subsea. This flange spreader is safe, easy to use and maintain, and can generate up to 9 tons of separating force using simple hand tools.

Developed to provide a safe and cost-effective solution to Flange Spreading, they are a simple solution to mechanically spreading flange joints with a minimum access gap of 6.0mm (0.25″).

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique interlocking first step
  • 15mm secure hold
  • Minimum access required 6.0mm (0.25″)
  • Secure hold on each step
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Cost-effective

Kit Contains:

1x Wedge Head c/w handle
1x Safety block
1x Ratchet spanner
1x Instruction manual
1x Toolbox

Mechanical Flange Spreaders

Precision Tool

Equalizer’s SW9TM Mechanical Spreader has been developed to provide a safe, accurate and cost-effective solution to Flange Spreading. Featuring an interlocking first step design that produces a smooth, parallel wedge movement perpendicular to the flange faces being separated. This design reduces wedge bending or having the wedge slip from the joint being separated.

Complete Kit

The Mechanical Flange Spreader is supplied as a complete kit including Wedgehead, Torque Wrench with socket, Safety Block, Stepped Blocks and Hex Key.

CE Approved
Made in the UK
12 Month Warranty