Custom Engineering

As part of our complete service, we offer an in-house design facility where we are able to design custom engineered solutions products and solutions for a variety of applications and industries.  At HTL Group we are committed to providing our customers with superior quality and innovative bolting solutions, delivered both on time and within budget.

In-House Engineering Design Team

Our in-house engineering design team can give a comprehensive range of solutions to suit your requirements, whether providing full product development, additional resource during the design and development cycle or provide expertise in areas that your company may not be familiar with. With a wide range of experience, HTL’s design engineers can at your request, assist with all or some of the following services: –

  • On-site situation evaluation/feasibility studies
  • Conceptualisation & design
  • 3D computer modelling
  • 3D printing and prototyping
  • Form, fit, and function analysis
  • Manufacture and test
  • Installation
  • on site evaluation product gallery
  • Conceptualisation Design Product Gallery
  • Computer Modelling Product Gallery
  • Stress Strain Analysis Product Gallery
  • 3D Print Trial Fit Product Gallery
  • Manufacture Product Gallery
  • Engineering 206 Product Gallery
  • Joe Vernam 01 Product Gallery
  • Ton Hindmarsh 01 Product Gallery
  • Tony Hindmarsh Printer Product Gallery

Request Assistance from HTL

Do you have a problem you’d like us to solve? Get in touch and a member of our engineering team will help you explore a range of possible solutions today.