SC-Series Workholding Swing Clamps


SC-Series Workholding Swing Clamps

Swing Clamps:

  • Changeable swing function: clamp arm movement can be adjusted to left or right swing, or straight pull function
  • 88-92° clamp arm swing arc
  • Easy installation: built-in mountings and brackets
  • Compact design for use in limited space applications
  • Easy and precise locating of arm for clamp positioning
  • Single or double-acting cylinders to suit variety of hydraulic requirements

Cartridge Swing Clamps

  • Minimal space required on fixture
  • Can be completely recessed in fixture
  • External plumbing not required
  • Allows close positioning of adjoining units
  • 30, 45 and 60 degree swing angles available on request
  • Enerpac cartridge swing clamps are designed for integrated manifold mounting. This eliminates the need for fittings and tubing on the fixture.
  • Cartridge swing clamps simplify mounting and optimize clamping effectiveness.