Clamshell Accessories


Clamshell Accessories

Mirage provides a wide range  of accessories to extend the capabilities of each standard DL Ricci clamshell configuration. Each accessory is engineered and manufactured to the same exacting standards as the machines themselves.

Applications for accessories

  • Counter-boring and single point machining
  • Out of round machining
  • Machining the pipe OD
  • Removing weld material
  • Quick changeover of tool slides
  • Machining internal and external of casings
  • Various weld prep profile types

Out-of-round Tool Block Slide

  • Dual compensating Spring Assembly
  • Rides on OD of pipe and tracks the contour
  • For up to 1” out-of-round

Low Profile Tool Slide

  • Brings cut line closer to the back of machine
  • Allows cutting & bevelling on short pipe sections
  • Use for facing, RTJ grooves and compound angle weld preps

Counter-bore Swivel Head Modules

  • 6” and 10” sizes available
  • Match Boring Applications
  • Up to 60 degree adjustability in the head
  • ID Beveling

Hydraulic Power Packs

  • Choice of 20 lpm and 40 lpm
  • Large wheels and hand bars enable easy handling on-site
  • Simple operation • Driven by an electric engine
  • Easy change oil filter