Joint Integrity Management System

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Joint Integrity Management System


Joint Integrity Management System

The HTL Joint Integrity Management System holds useful details about a joint as it passes through various stages in its lifecycle from being disassembled to being reassembled, tightened, and tested before re-entering service. Joints are often physically labelled with multi-part plastic tags that reflect their status. The system is capable of being mapped on to a physical tagging system and offers operations and maintenance staff a robust alternative to spreadsheets  with several clear advantages

Features and benefits

  • An easy-to-use joint integrity interface
  • Tightening data and bolting patterns, tools and torques for flanged joints
  • Torque data and tensioning tool pressures (subsea and topside)
  • Bolt extension calculations
  • Tightening procedures and torque sequences
  • Joint specific recommendations for improved integrity and safety
  • Impressive large database of bolt materials and bolt lubricants
  • Dimensional data from flanges
  • Recommended bolt lengths

Integrated bolting calculator

The HTL Flange Management System is supported by and includes an easy to use calculator providing recommended bolt loads, bolt stress values and torque and tension values, all derived by using industry standard calculation methods based on the characteristics and operational parameters of a wide range of gaskets.

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