Enerpac ATP1500 Tensioner Pump

  • High pressure is held without energy consumption
  • Safety relief valve limits output pressure
  • Explosion proof, requires no electrical power

Flow Rate

0,43 Litres/Min   

Max Pressure

1500 bar  21,750 psi 

Air Consumption

594 Litres/Min   


  • ATP1500, High Pressure Hydraulic Air Tensioning Pump, 1500 bar

Enerpac Air Tensioner Pump


Enerpac Air Tensioner Pump

The Air Powered Enerpac ATP-Series pump is ATEX Tested and Certified for use in explosive atmospheres. The Enerpac ATP1500 comes complete with a lightweight, but rugged steel frame for protection, easy handling and transportation.

Features and Benefits

  • The ATP-pump is ideally suited for use with GT-Series hydraulic bolt tensioning tools and hydraulic nuts
  • General purpose, high pressure air driven pump unit for products requiring up to 1500 bar hydraulic pressure
  • Compact, lightweight, rugged steel frame for protection and easy handling
  • Pre-lubricated pump element does not require an airline lubricator
  • Easily adjustable output pressure control
  • Integrated and protected easy to read glycerine filled gauge
  • Safety relief valve limits output pressure
  • This pump operates at ultra-high pressure, use only the specified fittings and hoses designed for these pressures

CE Approved
12 Month Warranty