HTL Load Cell Test Rig

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Load Cell Test Rig

Load Cell Test Rig

As quality process procedures and operator safety continue to be a necessity in industry, tool testing is of paramount importance. HTL’s Load Cell Test Rigs allow customers to pressure test bolt tensioner load cell’s to ensure their integrity.

Our newest revolutionary design allows the complete range of HTL load cell to be tested quickly and safely avoiding the necessity to fit the bridge and screw on the puller, dramatically reducing the test time. With a roller bed even the largest load cell can be quickly and easily positioned, tested and removed easily in an operator friendly and safe process.

The Premium Plus range of rigs are finished in a durable blue powder coating with lockable castors ensuring easy mobility and are supplied with all the features necessary to ensure full control during in-house testing, as well as promoting operator safety. In addition, optional branding features are available, including corporate colours and logo placement on the product.

To meet industry safety requirements, the rig’s unique design includes a lockable canopy, on/off controls, an emergency stop mechanism and a polycarbonate safety screen.

Additional features include an integrated control panel, an internal drip tray, hydraulic hose and connections, an air tensioner pump, control panel and connections, internal LED lighting, a lockable pump bay and a 30,000 psi calibrated test gauge.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully CE marked, designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK Allows for a safer and simpler system
  • No requirement for studs or nuts for the most popular sizes
  • Designed with an universal load cell test housing unit
  • Can quickly test loads cells, sizes 1-8
  • Quicker and cost effective results
  • Less wearable parts
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Lockable pump bay
  • 30,000 psi calibrated test gauge
  • Compact ergonomic design and layout

CE Approved
Made in the UK
12 Month Warranty