• Enerpac Nut Splitter Head

Enerpac Nut Splitter Power Head


Enerpac Nut Splitter Power Head

Designed to fit standard BS/ANSI flanges, The Nut Splitter Power Head can be adjusted to preset the blade cutting distance in order to prevent damage to the bolt thread as the nut is cut. The blade positioning scale can be used with the following bolt and nut forms:

– Unified bolt threads (UN) with heavy series hexagon nuts
– Metric bolt threads (M) with standard series hexagon nuts


  • Designed to fit standard BS/ANSI flanges
  • Blade positioning scale to eliminate bolt damage
  • Adjustable cutting depth
  • Ergonomically designed and positioned handle
  • Interchangeable power heads with cutting blade
  • Single-acting spring return power head
  • Nut splitters include spare chisel, spare set screw, and wrench used to secure the chisel
  • CR400 female half coupler standard
  • All NSH-tools are CE – ATEX certified
  • Maximum allowable hardness to split is HRc-44. Not to be used on square nuts or stainless steel.

Atex Approved
CE Approved