Using the correct torque wrench

Using the Correct Torque Wrench

The consequences of proper preload not being developed or maintained can lead to joint failure. Therefore, it is crucial to fully understand the required preload level for every joint before achieving it through a suitable tightening method, the correct tightening sequence and by using the correct torque wrench.

Calibration and Certification

Specifications by BS EN 1090-2 requires the torque wrench to have accuracy of +/-4. HTL’s 3-in-1 Hydraulic Torque Wrench modular range includes Low Profile, Square Drive and Ultra-Low attachments all of which are calibrated to +/-3 and are supplied serviced and calibrated with certification by HTL’s Service Department.

Designed and manufactured in the UK with full CE ATEX approval and 12 month warranty, HTL’s 3-in-1 Hydraulic Torque Wrench modular range is highly adaptable to suit any application.

Low Profile

The HTL Low Profile Torque Wrench is fitted with the HTL-L low profile link attachment and has been specifically designed to fit most applications, even where clearance is limited.

Square Drive

The HTL Square Drive Torque Wrench has the HTL-S square drive link attachment which can drive a range of impact sockets. The HTL 3-in-1 torque wrench is instantly converted into a standard square drive tool with its simple quick link interchangeability.


The HTL Ultra-Low Torque Wrench is fitted with the HTL-R ultra-low link attachment. It has been designed to fit the most confined spaces where most standard tools are unsuitable.

With HTL’s 3-in-1 Hydraulic Torque Wrench modular range you can utilise one torque wrench for all applications, saving time and money.

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