Turnaround Shutdowns

Turnarounds and Shutdowns

Commercial facilities, manufacturing process and industrial plants all require essential asset maintenance. Most of the inspections, repairs, replacements, alterations and/or minor maintenance work can be carried out on equipment whilst the plant is in operation, and is known as ‘on line’ maintenance. Major, more thorough maintenance and repairs can also be completed, however they are scheduled as an outage and referred to as a ‘shutdown’. It is the management process of a plant shutdown that is known in industry as a ‘plant turnaround’.

Why plan a Shutdown?

Plant shutdowns are the most expensive and time consuming of maintenance projects due to the face that loss of production is incurred and the expense of the major maintenance works can be high. This negative impact (financial outlay and loss of production) can be overlooked by considering the positive features of shutdowns:

  • Increase in equipment asset reliability
  • Continued foreseeable production integrity
  • Reduction in the risk of unscheduled outages/failures

Complete Supplier

HTL, industry leaders in controlled bolting and flange working equipment, offer a broad spectrum of premium quality equipment which can be tailored to provide a total flange joint management service to suit any shutdown requirement.

A flange management package includes:

  • Set up of HTL’s Flange Management System, allowing each joint to have a unique identification and referencing.
  • All tooling and bolt loads identified on the FMS.
  • Bolting equipment and on-site machining equipment delivered direct to site – can be supplied in customised equipped containers.

Joint integrity solutions allows for better maintenance and refurbishment of pressure vessels, bolted joints and valves which in turn assist in improving plant safety and the environmental performance of the plant.

HTL can help 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Without a scheduled maintenance programme, equipment can fail and consequently an unscheduled outage could be more expensive.

HTL provide a full package of customer first solutions which focus on the critical elements of joint integrity including: flange surface quality, joint alignment, bolt preparation and bolt tightening.

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