Reduce Maintenance Costs‎

Maintenance strategies can be complicated, and the consensus can vary as to what type of maintenance strategy is the most appropriate. There are a considering number of factors that impact maintenance strategies, such as costs, availability of employees, geography, with other internal and external factors. It’s essential to find a strategy that is best for a particular asset, rather than a blanket maintenance procedure across all equipment.  

Essential vs Preventive Maintenance

Understanding the difference between maintenance strategies will help companies decide on the right strategy for an asset. Several considerations and actions can occur:

  1. Reactive 
  2. Run to Fail 
  3. Corrective 
  4. Preventative Maintenance 
  5. Essential Maintenance 
  6. Condition Based
  7. Predictive
  8. Prescriptive

While there are a lot of considerations, HTL Group provides services for scheduled and planned maintenance. 

Essential Maintenance: Schedule Calibration

The importance of ensuring equipment remains in calibration is an essential part of tool maintenance and scheduling these services during quiet or off-peak times is ideal. It will prevent downtime during an on-going project and will ensure that tools continue to perform at their optimum levels while maintaining the correct values and pressures.

HTL Group’s Calibration & Test services are available for a wide range of hydraulic equipment, As a dedicated service to our customers, we also provide reminders for when a tools calibration is due to expire, along with paperless certification through iCalibrate. 

Preventative Maintenance: Service, Maintenance and Repair

Preventive maintenance is regularly performed on a piece of equipment in working condition to reduce the risk of it failing. There are two main types of preventative maintenance:

  • Time-based preventive maintenance is when tasks are scheduled on an asset at a certain time interval, such as the first of every month or every seven days.
  • Usage-based preventive maintenance is when work is scheduled based on the operation of equipment, such as after 1,000 miles or 10 production cycles.

Whether you operate a time-based or usage-based preventative maintenance programme for your torque and tensioning tools, HTL will support your requirements with UKAS traceability, quick turnaround times and easy access to paperless certification. 

For tools that are critical during bolting operations, failure must be prevented. By scheduling regular maintenance with HTL, you will reduce the likelihood of tool failure. Our team are on-hand across the UK to support customer’s needs,

Case Study: Before and After Service

An example of preventative maintenance is where a customer brought in their 90-ton press to be serviced.

The 90-ton Enerpac Press was refurbished entirely and reconditioned, which in the long term, reduces tooling costs by extending a products life.  

As an Authorised Enerpac Service Centre, HTL’s high standards can be applied to a more diverse product range, giving our customers assurance of quality, reliability and efficiency.

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