Replace-Repair-Torque wrench

Replace or Repair Torque Wrenches

Using a broken or damaged tool can harm operators, the product itself, or damage other equipment on-site. Torque wrenches are robust, but with continuous usage, they can break over time due to wear and tear, which can leave you with the decision of repairing the torque wrench or replacing it with a new one.

The answer lies with two major factors that will affect your decision, downtime and cost. If time is on your side, you’ll find that simply repairing the torque wrench will be the simple solution. However, if the tool is required to complete jobs, then you may find that the downtime will be too costly to your project and sourcing a new tool will allow work to continue. When looking to source new tools, availability depends on the size and location, as in some instances new tools can take weeks to be delivered. Whereas repairs can often be processed within a few days and even hours, ensuring downtime is minimised as much as possible with costs remaining lower than purchasing new equipment.


A key factor in this decision is downtime, as downtime can cost money. Whilst tools are in for repair, work on the project can often come to an abrupt stop. By using a reputable company like HTL, you get access to premium-quality torque tools with a customer support service and tool warranty. Service plans and Calibration services can be planned in advance, with a digital reminder service from i-Calibrate. By ensuring that your tools are properly maintained, any unplanned downtime can be minimised. You can also find tips and advice for maintaining your HTL torque wrenches in the Operating Instructions that are supplied alongside the tool and are available on our website.


Torque wrenches can vary in price, depending on the innovative features, material and location. The larger the torque wrench, the more expensive, with bespoke size tools being the most expensive. However, having a tool that performs the job, safely and efficiently with repeatability, can reduce the overall cost of projects.

When using torque wrenches, it is not uncommon for individual parts of the torque wrench, such ratchets, to break after usage over a long period of time. These parts are typically available in repair kits and inexpensive to replace. However, other major parts of the torque wrench can demand more time and cost to replace, as they require the tool to be taken to a certified repair centre where manufacturers parts are used.


In addition to routine inspections by Service providers, tool operators should keep a close eye on the tools themselves to detect and report any malfunctions or damage. As any torque wrench that provides inaccurate torque is extremely costly and dangerous, so depending on the number of cycles a torque wrench has does or a certain amount of time between calibrations, it’s important for the operator to know the history of the tool, prior to use.

Any physical damage, such as cracks, chips, or deformity should also be notified and reported, as the tool may need to be pulled from the operation and flagged for service.

Manufacturers Guarantee

HTL’s range of torque wrenches can be used for a variety of bolting applications, across a range of industries, and are built to last. All tools that are used continuously, or kept in harsh environments, will fatigue and wear over time, and the likelihood of tool repairs and regular servicing being needed increases. That’s where HTL supports customers, with our world-class Repair and Calibration Service. HTL’s calibration facility is traceable to UKAS, providing customers with a reputable service with manufacturers parts.