Enerpac HPT1500 Tensioner Pump

  • Integrated relief valve set at 1500 bar
  • Two-speed operation
  • Lightweight and portable

Flow Rate

0,61 cm3/stroke   

Max Pressure

1500 bar  21,750 psi 

Valve Operation



  • HPT1500

Enerpac Hand Tensioner Pump


Enerpac Hand Tensioner Pump

The Enerpac Hand Tensioner Pump is designed for those applications where there is no power available. These lightweight hand tensioner pumps are safe, low maintenance and durable meeting onsite bolt tensioning challenges. They are easy to operate and are supplied complete with a calibrated pressure gauge and quick release outlet coupling. The lightweight and portable design makes this the ideal pump for when you’re on the move.

Features and Benefits

  • Two-stage pump with high by-pass pressure: 3,6 l/min at 200 bar, 0,52 l/min at 700 bar
  • The Enerpac HPT high- pressure Hand Pump is ideally suited for use with hydraulic bolt tensioning tools and hydraulic nuts
  • Lightweight and portable high-pressure hand pump
  • Two-speed operation displaces a larger volume of oil per stroke, reducing cycle times for many testing applications
  • Includes a gauge and coupler for direct connection to GT-Series bolting tools
  • Integrated relief valve set at 1500 bar
  • These products operate at ultra-high pressure, use only the specified fittings and hoses designed for these pressures

CE Approved
12 Month Warranty