Enerpac Safe T™ Torque Lock

  • Reduces dropped objects
  • User-friendly and easy to operate
  • Simple, hands-free accessory

Socket Size Range

1 13/16" to 2 15/16"  46mm to 65mm 


1.9 to 6 kg  4.1 to 13.2 lbs 

Enerpac Safe T™ Torque Lock


Enerpac Safe T™ Torque Lock

The Enerpac Safe T™ Torque Lock is an innovative hands-free, Enerpac RSL and S-Series Square Drive Torque Wrench accessory that improves operator safety during bolting operations minimising exposure to pinch points and high-pressure hydraulic connections.

Safe, simple, and versatile, the Safe T™ Torque Lock features a patented mechanical locking system that creates a suitable hands-free torque wrench solution. With a simple twist and push action, they lock onto any nut, allowing a completely hands-free operation in any orientation.

Finding the safest process to torque bolts and eliminate the risk of injury is critical. The new Safe T™ Torque Lock protects the workforce by preventing the likelihood of dropped objects and hand-related injuries, and worse fatal injuries. Not only will this innovative hands-free solution protect your workforce, but it will also prevent accidents from occurring that can cause disruptive stoppages. Therefore, reducing downtime and overall costs, helping to keep projects on-time and within budget.

Features and Benefits:

  • Eliminates dropped objects
  • Grips securely to the bolt in any orientation, including inverted positions
  • Reduces operator fatigue on overreaching or awkward positioning of the tool
  • Locking feature reduces the number of tool lifts dramatically
  • Simple twist & lock mechanism is user friendly
  • Easy to operate
  • No additional loose components like reaction washers are needed

*Please note that the Safe T™ Torque Lock is not suitable for use on PTFE coated nuts.


The Enerpac Safe T™ Torque Lock transforms RSL, and S-Series Square Drive Torque Wrenched into a dedicated hands-free tool. Designed to grip securely to bolts in any orientation, the risk of accidents from dropped objects are eliminated.

Simple Design

With suitable models available for both S-Series & RSL-Series Square Drive Wrenches, the Enerpac Safe T™ Torque Lock attaches onto the torque wrench with one push of the square drive quick-release button for both tightening or loosening.

CE Approved
12 Month Warranty