Behind The Scenes at HTL with Our Global Assets Co-Ordinator, Maria Patey

Wherever in the world that our equipment is needed, our Global Assets Co-Ordinator, Maria Patey, overlooks the movement of stock across our world-wide facilities, ensuring that our customers receive goods when they need it.

Premium-Quality Products, Industry-Leading Customer Service

The HTL Group boasts an extensive range of equipment and it’s essential to ensure that all of our assets, such as products and spare parts, are managed correctly, and ready for dispatch at a moment’s notice. But, all of this is only possible by the work from our dedicated team. Regardless of order sizer or value, The HTL Group strive towards impeccable levels of customer service, from the moment the order is received, to the minute the equipment arrives with our customer.

Maria is a key employee here at HTL, based out of our Headquarters in Cramlington, her work ensures that we remain true to our promise, that each customer receives equipment when they need it.

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