Bolt Loosening Tips from HTL Group

When it comes to loosening bolts there are a number of elements to consider to avoid causing costly damage to your equipment or the flange/bolts themselves. Below are some crucial steps to take to provide you with a safe break-out.

5 steps to consider that will ensure a safe break out procedure:

  1. Select a torque wrench that will not exceed 75% of its maximum torque value.
  2. Ensure the flange is safe to break out and that the system is drained and not under any pressure.
  3. Remove paint and corrosion from exposed threads using a coarse wire brush or paint remover.
  4. Apply penetrating fluid to the bolt, allowing it to work for at least 5 minutes.
  5. Avoid standing directly alongside, underneath, or radially to the flange in the path of an unexpected leak allowing any residual pressure to escape away from you.

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