Must-have Safety Features for Bolting at Height Safely

Must-have Safety Features for Bolting at Height Safely

Working at height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries to workers on-site. Incidents of this type feature amongst the top 3 causes of all workplace injuries.

Here, HTL tells you about simple, practical safety products and features. Each designed to reduce the risk of falling objects when bolting at height.

Working at height safety is of the utmost importance in any industry. So before considering any of the following safety features or accessories, first, you must make sure work is properly planned, supervised, and carried out by competent people with the skills, knowledge, and experience to do the job.

To help support projects that involve working at height, HTL Group offers a wide variety of tools with built-in safety features provided as standard. Choosing products such as these go a long way towards eliminating the risk of objects being dropped from height or near misses.

DSX Hydraulic Torque Wrench


The Enerpac DSX Square Drive Torque Wrench promotes safe working at height through its built-in safety tether connection. This feature allows the operator to attach the tools either to their person or the structure they’re working on. By doing so, if the operator loses grip of the tool, the risk of the torque wrench falling is eliminated, as the safety tether will prevent the tool from dropping to the ground.HTL DSX Safety Tether Attachment

The DSX also features a fully retained reaction arm and a secured Square Drive to further prevent injuries whilst working at height.

Safe T Torque Lock

The Enerpac Safe T Torque Lock also benefits working at height operations by transforming Enerpac RSL and S-Series Square Drive Torque Wrenches into hands-free tools. An innovative socket that is secured onto a square drive torque wrench with a simple twist and push action. The  Safe T™ Torque Lock can then lock onto the application with its mechanical locking system, allowing the operator to tighten bolts hands-free, and in any orientation. This unique safety product’s other benefits include protection from pinch points, reduced exposure to high-pressure hydraulic connections, and less operator fatigue.

Enerpac Backing Spanner with Safety Tether

Enerpac Back up Spanner with Safety Tether

This smart, cost-effective safety tool eliminates unsafe flogging spanners and hammers and comes with 2 sizes in 1. Supplied with a Safety Tether as standard, the Enerpac Backing Spanner is a self-supporting accessory that is secured onto the backing nut when using a torque wrench and can then be attached to the operator or a nearby structure. Simply applied with the use of an Allen key, operators working at height require fewer tools, as there is no need for hammers, which also increases safety as sparks and the potential of dropped tools is eliminated.

Back-Up Nut

Back-Up Nut

The simple and cost-effective safety accessory allows low-profile and cassette type torque wrenches to be secured onto the bolt and held in place during operation. This allows the operator to work hands-free while the tool is live, allowing the operator to stand clear of hazards such as pinched fingers and high-pressure hoses. As the Back-Up Nut also secures the torque wrench in place, it prevents the tool from becoming a dropped object, instantly improving on-site safety.

Lightweight Air Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pump

Enerpac LAT Torque Wrench Pump

The Enerpac LAT Torque Wrench Pump is a lightweight and compact design, making it ideal for working at height. It is easy to lift, transport, and manoeuvre with the integrated carry handle. Allowing for a single operator to transport for operations at height, the compact design is ideal for use in constrained spaces.

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You can make working at height safer, with cost-effective safety solutions. At HTL we offer all of the above accessories and tools, simply contact the HTL team today and ask for more information.