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Effective Solutions for Subsea Decommissioning

Case study

HTL were contacted by one of the world’s leading oil producers to solve a problem with a xmas tree which was no longer fit for purpose and required decommissioning. This particular xmas tree was over 15 years old and all valves and actuators had become seized over time.

The HTL Seasnake is a solution which eliminates the need for any divers being present when a Fastlock connection is released, removing the possibility of any subsea gas release becoming fatal, making these processes much safer.

The second application HTL have provided is known as the ‘Piggy Back’. The Piggy Back is a controlled diverless solution which uses hydraulics remotely to minimise operator involvement and ensures a controlled release of any volatile substances.

HTL’s ‘Manual Override’ has also been utilised during the decommissioning process. This is a hydraulically operated rotational tool designed to ensure controlled manipulation of critical valve systems. Again the focus here is on minimising operator involvement in dangerous subsea processes, ensuring that dangerous but necessary work is carried out safely.

It is this shared commitment to operator safety which led one of the world’s leading oil producers to work with HTL to implement these applications in order to improve their subsea operations. To date, all solutions have been a fantastic success and are pivotal to a continuous drive for a perfect safety record in subsea decommissioning processes.

Visit HTL’s Seasnake website for more information and watch the Seasnake in action:

Subsea decommissioning is an important and increasing consideration for the oil and gas industry, as ageing assets reach the end of their economically useful life, decommissioning projects are being planned and carried out.

The offshore decommissioning industry plays a major role in the planning process of the life of a well. Determining the most suitable strategy for decommissioning requires weighing up the differences between costs, safety, difficulty, environmental impact and various other contributing factors must be considered.

Types of Subsea Xmas Trees

There are various kinds of subsea xmas trees which are designed and rated for various water depths, temperatures, pressures and expected flow. Whatever the application, the HTL Seasnake can be adapted accordingly; with HTL’s engineered to order service we can offer bespoke engineered products to design a solution that will meet your individual requirements.

Subsea Decommissioning Solution 

Using bolting equipment in an area where there are high pressure systems has its dangers and when encountering this in a subsea environment, the safety hazards increase substantially.

The HTL Seasnake is a solution which eliminates the need for any divers being present when a Fastlock connection is released. This removes the possibility of any subsea gas release becoming fatal, making these processes much safer.

Using the HTL Seasnake, the HTL Low Profile Torque Wrenches fit over the male to female sockets and are clamped in place, removing the need of an operator when the loosening of the bolts is underway.

The problems:

  • Failed hydraulic systems
  • Manual override seized
  • Broken hydraulics
  • Unknown pressure in pipe
  • Failed manual override valves

HTL’s solution:

  • HTL Seasnake device to remote Fastlock connector simultaneously
  • Open and close valves remotely
  • Diverless operation/remote controlled
  • Safe operational use
  • Remotely operates a xmas tree failed hydraulic system
  • Safe operational use

HTL’s Bespoke Design Service

HTL are committed to providing customers with superior quality, innovative bolting solutions, delivered both on time and within budget. As part of HTL’s complete package of solutions, we offer an in-house design facility where bespoke engineered solutions are developed for a variety of application and industries.

HTL’s in-house Engineering Design Team can provide a comprehensive range of solutions to suit your individual requirements, whether you require us to provide full product development, additional resource during the design and development cycle or to provide expertise in particular areas, we can tailor our service to suit your needs.

Why HTL?

  • Decades of bolting expertise provides a quick and efficient process
  • Members of the Decom North Sea
  • Take on projects at any stage of the design process, be it a new project or a problem encountered near the end of a project
  • Provide concept ideas, engineering drawings to fully manufactured finished products
  • HTL engineers use CAD software to provide you with realistic presentation renders, engineering drawings and analysis of the parts.

If you have a project that is required to be delivered on budget and on time, contact HTL today and discuss your requirements with our experienced Engineers.

If you would like further information or a demonstration of how HTL’s Seasnake can help optimise your decommissioning process, contact us today.