Hydraulic Cutter

HTL’s bespoke design of a Hydraulic Guillotine Cutter

Case Study

HTL were approached by a leading umbilical manufacturer to devise a solution to their cutting problem, the manufacturer chose HTL as we have undertaken and designed a range of bespoke projects in-house for various customers.

The company’s problem was due to hand cutting armoured umbilical, ranging from an 80mm diameter and in some cases exceeding a 330mm diameter. This is not only dangerous, but very time consuming, as in some instances it could take up to 8 hours to cut.

HTL were asked to design a cutter to cater for every size of umbilical. The result was a bespoke Guillotine Hydraulic Cutter, designed and manufactured with a cutting force of 500 ton to suit up to 340mm O.D. umbilical and powered via a 3phase, 10,000psi, 100 litre Hydraulic Pump Unit.

Once the Guillotine Hydraulic Cutter had been designed and manufactured it was found that the Hydraulic Cutter did not need more than 3000psi to cut the largest of the umbilicals with a cutting time of less than 50 seconds!

At HTL we are committed to providing our customers with superior quality, innovative solutions to industry, delivered both on time and within budget. Our in-house Engineering Design Team can provide a comprehensive range of solutions to suit your requirements, whether providing full product development, additional resource during the design and development cycle or provide expertise in areas that your company may not be familiar with.

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