Particle Analyser

The Ultimate Portable Service Tool

Since the hydraulic power industry was finally recognised in 1925 there has been a growing concern over the contamination and cleanliness of hydraulic fluid power systems.

The experience of both the designers and users of hydraulic systems highlights that 75% of system failures are a direct result of particulate contamination with up to 90% of these failures due to abrasive wear.

The basis of contamination control is knowing the cleanliness level of the fluid, therefore contamination testing of hydraulic fluids is fundamental when cleaning oil systems such as hydraulics, transmissions, turbines, compressors and other fluid power systems.

Quality Control

HTL pride themselves on their unrivalled levels of customer service including after sales support and the range of HTL products and services readily available to customers, therefore to help you meet system and quality control requirements, HTL offer a Laser Particle Analyser. A highly precise, lightweight and fully portable twin laser particle counter suitable for on-site and laboratory applications, which can automatically measure and display particulate contamination, moisture and temperature levels.


HTL’s Laser Particle Analyser is:

  • Lightweight (Lightest in class)
  • Fully portable
  • A precision instrument
  • Fully calibrated in line with ISO 11171
  • Able to measure and display the following international standard formats; ISO 4406:1999, ISO 11218, NAS 1638 and AS 4059E
  • Complete with a moisture and temperature sensing option
  • Complete with data logging capabilities and a 600 test result memory
  • Complete with various test programme settings
  • Capable of performing 100 tests between charges with an internal rechargeable battery.

For mineral oil products there are the following option’s available:

  • Moisture sensor-measuring percentage saturation of water, %RH (relative humidity)
  • Fluid temperature measurement

With a simple to use interface and a quick, easy setup, the HTL Laser Particle Analyser is unique, highly accurate and user friendly.

Available Now

Available for both hire and purchase and supplied with a simple ‘know how’ step by step guide makes the HTL Laser Particle Analyser is the ultimate portable service tool.

For users of hydraulic, lubrication and transmission systems, the HTL Laser Particle Analyser is highly accurate. The system counts and sizes particles of solid contaminants in fluid power systems, on-line to 400 bar and with a typical test time from 1 minute. It operates with a single action constant low pressure pumping unit to ensure that a steady flow is achieved for every test ensuring that this is a quick process which will help to reduce down time and incurred costs caused by contamination.

With a lightweight yet durable case, the HTL Laser Particle Analyser is the essential contamination sensing technology for use on-site providing quick results and preventing future incalculable costs.

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