Joint Integrity

Why use bolting software?

Bolted joints in particular can be a source of concern for engineers, as frequently assumptions are made to assess whether the joint is capable of sustaining the forces applied to it. Failure of a single bolted joint can have disastrous consequences for the reliability and safety of bolted connections. As we’ve learned the reliability and safety of bolted connections is par It was with this problem in mind that HTL launched the bolting software packages Bolt-Pro and Joint-Pro.

Ease of use

These essential software packages have been designed to easily assist operators by automatically entering standard information such as thread pitch and bolt dimensions as soon as the bolt diameter has been entered. Although the packages can pre-populate information, they also have the functionality to allow the user to change any data entered automatically to suit their specific requirements.

HTL’s Flange Management System is used for the planning, data capture, analysis and reporting of all activities related to the inspection, maintenance and testing of bolted joints.

Both bolting software packages offer simplified management and control of complex process systems:

  • COMPLETE comprehensive database of all bolted joints
  • EASY TO USE PC based Windows application
  • FLEXIBLE full range of standard and custom reports
  • SECURE data, no data leaves user control

Why keep records?

Historical data uncovers and highlights patterns and problems.

  • SAFETY starts with good, accurate information
  • QUALITY accountability improves performance
  • SCHEDULE records aid in planning and sequencing of repairs and maintenance

HTL recognises that many organisations require a software package to ensure that the consistency of high bolting standards is maintained. With HTL’s Flange Management System, the type of flange and lubricant used is taken into consideration to ensure the operator is provided with the most accurate data.

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