Pipe Cutting Operations Made Simple

With HTL’s Pipe Cutting equipment, also known in the industry as split frame cutters and clamshell cutters, you can simplify jobs and complete them quicker with the use of one machine.

The low clearance split frame pipe cutting and bevelling machines produce high metal removal rates and with a large adjustment range and suited to any in-situ set-up, designed to increase efficiency.

The rigid design assures precise and high-quality cuts. HTL’s range of Portable Machines have the ability to cut pipes or casing from 6 to 48 inches diameter and are capable of cutting any wall thickness or material including carbon steel, stainless steel, hastelloy and incology ensuring efficiency.

Wellhead Prep

Wellhead prep is made fast and easy with our sever/bevel feature, however with versatile and adaptable features, the Pipe Cutter and Bevelling Machines can carry out a variety of cutting operations to suit the application and desired result.

Offering machines supplied complete with everything you need, including:

  • One off split half drive ring
  • Gearbox and drive motor
  • One off cutting
  • One off bevel toolboxes
  • Striker feed unit with adjustable cut feature
  • Integral clamping unit and spacers
  • Toolkit including air filter lubricator and hose connection

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