Corroded Bolts

How to Loosen Stubborn Bolts

Impact wrenches are designed to break bolts loose or torque them up with extraordinary power capabilities making them perfect for nut running.

The hammering action from an impact wrench can make bolting work much easier for the operator, specifically when loosening any stubborn bolt. The use of both HTL’s Pneumatic and Air Impact Wrenches is crucial particularly in projects where bolt tightness is fundamental as they will ensure the right loading and tension of all parts is achieved.

HTL’s Impact Wrenches are the tools you turn to when a bolt is secured too tightly in place or is rusted; in other instances the bolt head may be so stripped that a regular wrench can’t get a good grip. Regardless of the application, HTL’s Impact Wrenches allow additional force and grip to a hard to turn bolt. When properly used, there are few bolts (depending on the bolt wear and tightness) that an impact wrench can’t remove.

When robust reliability and power is needed, HTL’s Impact Tools deliver. HTL Pneumatic Impact Tools offer the best power to weight ratio that is available on the market. With both single and double handed impact wrenches available and air and 110v variations, as well as range of square drive models, varying in sizes from ½” to 3 ½” you can be sure HTL have the tool for your job.

HTL’s Top Tip

When dealing with impact wrenches, it is known that the socket should wear out before the tool, therefore using the wrong socket can inevitably cause the opposite to happen, resulting in costly maintenance and repair charges.

The important factor to remember when using impact wrenches is that the impact socket should absorb most of the vibration. The range of impact sockets HTL can offer are crafted from top quality material and are constructed and forged from one piece, making them rigorous for use at all levels of industry.

With HTL being the largest stockist of a wide range of impact sockets, you can be assured that all of HTL’s Impact Wrenches are supplied with the correct socket, ensuring all work being carried out is accurate and safe. Along with a lifetime guarantee on every product without moving parts and a fully certified service centre, HTL always maintains its customer first approach.

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