Quick Face Flange Facer

One machine that will avoid costly service charges

By using HTL’s Quick Face Flange Machine you can stop relying on costly service companies coming to site for minor flange facing requirements; the Quick Face Flange Machine will allow you to carry out efficient and accurate resurfacing of pipe flange surfaces in house.

HTL has made refacing simple; the hand operated machine tool can be set up anywhere without the need for electric, hydraulic or air power. With both daily rental and purchase options available, the HTL Quick Face Flange Machine is a simple, hand powered, cost effective solution which provides long term benefits.

As the body of the Flange Facer expands, the collets centre, finding their own centre of balance from the pipe providing a concentric operation ensuring you will always achieve even bevels. When rotated, the tool arm is moved providing a perfect gramophone, spiralled finish. Designed to be applied a range of flange faces, the defined cut depth can be adjusted to ensure that the desired flange face is achieved.

Maintain high safety standards on small flanges by using HTL’s Flange Facing Machine onsite, with no site permit required and Portable Machine training available at HTL, you can benefit from avoiding expensive service costs.

When there is rust on the flange face, you can utilise the Quick Face Flange Machine to get the flange bolted together the very same day. Operate by hand, it is particularly useful during outages, saving you downtime and call out service charges.

Interchangeable lead screws also makes this essential machine suitable for resurfacing damaged flat-faced, raised-face and or lens-ring joint flanges.

HTL’s Quick Face Flange Machine is lightweight, compact, easy to use and inherently safe; the ability for one person to quickly resurface a flange face ensures it is the essential machine to include within your onsite tool kit. Easily manoeuvred, the HTL Quick Face Flange Machine comes supplied with a wheeled carry case as well as interchangeable collets and cutting blades.

Let HTL provide the perfect solution to eliminate small flange facing problems and make HTL’s Quick Face Flange Machine a permanent addition to your onsite tool kit.

For further information or for a quick quotation email info@htlgroup.com or call direct +44 (0) 1670 700 000.