What are the Benefits of Renting Equipment?

When looking to source equipment for your projects, it can seem like a real dilemma choosing whether to rent or purchase the equipment required. With project requirements differing from company to company and project to project, there is no single answer. Before you go ahead, it is best to look at the benefits of each and deciding what is right for you.

Here are some things to think about first to decide on the best option.

Tool Availability

The first big question is whether the tool will be available to rent. Many companies will keep an inventory of equipment, but it is still possible for tools to be unavailable – especially if it is a popular choice for operators.

How Long You Need the Tool For

If you only need the tool for a short period of time, then the rental price can look a lot more attractive than the purchase price, as suppliers will likely offer daily hire rates to help predict costs. However, if your timeline is longer, then purchasing can make more financial sense in the long run.

The Benefits of Tool Rental

Calibrated Equipment

When you hire equipment from reputable suppliers, you can expect your equipment to arrive fully calibrated and serviced by experienced technicians. This will ensure that you can begin/continue your operations as soon as the tool arrives and that it will perform as desired and without any issues.


Renting equipment provides much more flexibility with your projects. Some companies, including HTL, have no minimum rental periods, which means you can manage the duration to suit your project requirements. Whether it be simply for just a single week or 3 months, you’re fully in control!

Efficient Response and Delivery Times to Reduce Delivery Times

When you choose to purchase equipment, you can sometimes expect to be met with some less-than-desirable lead times due to companies often having to source the equipment from manufacturers or other companies before it can be delivered to you.

When you rent equipment, great hire companies will tend to have the equipment available in stock immediately, ready to be dispatched as soon as the order is confirmed. This ensures that your downtime is reduced dramatically. Depending on location, same-day delivery is even sometimes possible!

Receive Around the Clock Support

Hire teams will often check in during your hire period to ensure everything is running smoothly with the tool and to make sure that no issues have arisen. By comparison, if you choose to purchase a tool while you will also be able to report issues, it’s unlikely you will get regular checkups to ensure the tool is working correctly as the company is not expecting the tool to be returned once your project is complete.

Hire from the Controlled Bolting Specialists

Here at HTL, you can benefit from all of the above-mentioned points, plus much more! Our rental team is dedicated to supporting customers around the clock. With the largest rental fleet in the UK, we supply premium-quality equipment for almost any application. You can view our entire hire range here.

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